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Chandra & Christopher

Sosebee Cycling Park

Chandra and Christopher Sosebee are the owners of Sosebee cycling park, so who are these guys? At least thats a conversation we hear from time to time. For those of you who don't know us already, I will try to fill in a few blanks.

I Christopher work a full time job as an industrial controls electrician/ millwright at a steel mill. Chandra my wife of 10 years is a yoga teacher in whom I love dearly. We both enjoy road cycling . The park land was a horse pasture before on the land of our primary residents. The brick ranch house beside the park is where we live. About 6 years ago we cut the fence and started allowing cyclist to park their cars in a shade while they cyclied.

So to clarify, this is not a state or county run/assisted park. The only funds we receive for the parks upkeep and parks advancement are from the donations boxes at the park. Individual cyclist donations are the only parks income. I hope this brief description will help anwser some of your question. Thanks.